Deja Vishny has great expertise in the defense of homicides, self defense and false confession cases. Vishny is available to consult with you in these cases. She handled over 125 homicide cases in her career, winning many jury trials, motions and achieved outstanding results in her cases. Dozens of lawyers have turned to her for help with their homicide cases in areas such as developing a theory of defense, preparing clients for trial, and determining what experts are needed for mounting a successful challenge to the prosecutor’s cases.

Deja has been know for years as one of the go-to lawyers in the United States for challenging confessions. She attended the Reid school of interrogation in 2004 so she could gain a deep understanding of how law enforcement officers interrogate persons and has written and lectured extensively on how to defend confession cases at trial and litigate suppression. While in practice, she succeeded in getting confession suppressed in multiple homicides and other criminal cases; and was advised that her methods influenced Milwaukee police detectives to change their interrogation tactics after she won so many cases. As stated by Kathleen Stilling (Brookfield Wisconsin) ‘Deja is my go-to person to brainstorm and consult with on violent crimes and homicides and she’s a national expert on defending false confessions at trial’.

Deja is available to review, analyze and assist with your homicide or confession case, including being retained as co-counsel.

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