Homicide Trial Defense

Homicide Trial Defense

Deja Vishny represents clients charged in homicide cases. Her specialty is defending women who have been accused of killing men who have physically abused, sexually assaulted or trafficked them. She is an expert in self defense cases and is available to represent clients all over the U.S. Currently she is of counsel and is associated with both Attorney Kimberly Motley (Charlottte NC) and Attorney Aaron Nelson (Hudson WI) in homicide cases.

Vishny’s work has garnered praise from the anchors and narrators on Court TV as noted
here by reporter Jule Jenaé in a tweet on October 31, 2019:
“Attorney Deja Vishny is solidifying her reputation for rapid fire on the spot case research while arguments are happening.”

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Suppressing Criminal Evidence

Suppressing Criminal Evidence takes you through the suppression litigation process step by step.